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Building on the success of last year’s Scholarship programme, Knowledge•Action•Change is pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd K•A•C Global Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Programme.


"Receiving the scholarship has been great, not only have I been able to interact with people from different works of life with interesting and life changing stories in my project, but also I have had to experience first-hand how this work in tobacco harm reduction can make a huge positive difference in people's lives."

Sahan Lungu – Malawi

“I am glad I was selected as a beneficiary of the KAC THRSP 2019 program. I got the opportunity to interact with fellow Scholars from across the world, and also got mentorship where my knowledge has increased. This opportunity has enabled me to look at issues on tobacco harm reduction in a different and more clear perspective with insights on how to help my community with the information gained.

I plan to never stop learning, especially on Tobacco Harm Reduction.”

Uche Olantunji  - Nigeria

“The Scholarship has opened a new chapter in my career. It has helped me a lot, I have learnt new things and I have been encouraged to be proactive in my country in tobacco harm reduction. I thank the Knowledge Action Change for choosing me to be part of the great team. And I encourage all people across the world to apply for the scholarship and be part of something bigger.”

Blandina Nkhata – Malawi

 “The global tobacco harm reduction scholarship offered me a daily opportunity to learn something new and make meaningful contribution in the field of public health.”

Chimwemwe Ngoma – Malawi

“The scholarship means to connect with new people,to embrace a new job .A job for the people,for the public health.An opportunity to spread  the results of your work and to help people to understand the meaning of THR and the greatest achievement:cessation.”

Mihaela Raescu – Romania

"The scholarship has been a new challenge and a great inspiration for personal Development for me as a social scientist, I believe it can do the same for you." 

Patrick Kuyokwa – Malawi

“It’s really a pressure to tell someone out there, someone like me, whether from a village, poor background, or whatever circumstance they can be to apply for the KAC scholarship. For me the scholarship has helped me to get involved with other Global Researchers (ASAP, Global Health Impact project), helped me to develop more research and leadership skills, research communication skills, helped me to boost my confidence. The most amazing part is that a person has the opportunity to become a tourist (you have the opportunity to travel to other countries like Poland).

If you talk of money, yaa!! money is there, but that should not be your source of motivation, rather the knowledge that you will gain and add that will/might help someone out-there to attain good health, be the change agent of your Life, Community, Nation and the Globe as a whole. Have passion in the field of Tobacco Harm Reduction, who knows, you may end up finding your purpose in life.

In brief, the scholarship gives you 3Cs. Chance, Choice, Change. You have a Chance, to make a Choice, to bring Change to yourself, community, nation and Globe.”

Vita Mithi – Malawi

The THR scholarship provides an ideal platform for meeting and interacting with various stakeholders involved in tobacco harm reduction. The scholarship has been of immense assistance in helping me understand the various successes and challenges of tobacco harm reduction efforts globally and also to integrate the knowledge gained in addressing issues of tobacco harm awareness and reduction in my own community.”

Eros Karshiing – India

The scholarships programme has provided much-needed support that has enabled me to investigate smoking-related harms experienced by persons in treatment and/or recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

The scholarships programme has opened a new pathway for my career. The learning about tobacco harm reduction has been an eye-opener and enabled me to talk with authority to colleagues on the subject.”

John de Miranda – USA

"The scholarship has provided me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and being a global health enthusiast, I now have the opportunity to advance my knowledge on tobacco harm reduction and contribute my quota in making an impact within my home country. In addition to this, the scholarship provides the opportunity to develop research interests in the field of tobacco harm reduction. I strongly recommend this scholarship opportunity for everyone that wants to make a meaningful impact where it matters."

Yussuf Adebisi Adebayo – Nigeria

"The KAC Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Programme is a world-class experience. The importance of building research capacity in the tobacco harm reduction space is pivotal and this research program is an exceptional platform to do just that."

Michael McGrady – USA 

"A community is NOT SAFE until Everyone is SAFE." the scholarship programme has provided me with a platform to advance the campaigns on Tobacco Harm Reduction together with SAFER ALTERNATIVES to Tobacco consumption  through research, capacity building and advocacy and I have made a difference in my community, so through the same you can make an impact as well. Apply for KAC SCHOLARSHIP  and take part in the world wide campaigns on Tobacco harm Reduction and SAFER ALTERNATIVES."

Wilfred Jekete – Malawi

“The Knowledge Action Change (KAC) scholarship programme gives people the opportunity to express innovative ideas on public health issues. Going from the theory to practice!”

Eleni Diamantoupoulou – Greece

“The THRSP has provided me with the necessary foundations to take empirical knowledge to another stage: I feel much better able to order, reorder, ponder, and direct issues in a much more complex, objective, and multidisciplinary way; and in addition to these knowledge bases, a great multicultural environment that creates fantastic learning - as well as good friendships. After THRSP my way of establishing diagnoses, devising planning, and defining actions changed significantly.”

Claudio Teixiera – Brazil

“The scholarship gave me an opportunity to prepare a thorough and professional research of the THR programs, incentives and opportunities. With all the gathered knowledge and information I can now help the policy-makers in my country with policy proposals for reducing the risk of tobacco-related illnesses and promote healthier lifestyle for the population.”

Arkadi Sharkov – Bulgaria

"The THR Scholarship has  increased my understanding of research ethics committee processes; clinical trials (registration and implementation); systematic reviews (protocol development and implementation); and science communication (publication design, video production, elearning development and website development). It also has greatly enhanced my understanding of smoking among homeless populations and THR in homeless contexts. I encourage everyone with an interest in THR to apply."

Florian Scheibein - Ireland

“The KAC scholarship program was a remarkable, inspiring experience. I came away feeling supported in executing Filter’s mission, and full of ideas for coverage generated by my interactions with other scholars from around the world. The program was a key element in the early success of my publication.”

Will Godfrey – USA

The scholarship programme was very useful in many ways – I met many new people, discussed various issues that helped me create my webpage. Financial assistance let me cover costs of a new laptop, domain and its hosting.

Miroslaw Dworniczak - Poland